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I have been a Freelance Artist since 2006. I'm married with two wonderful children and live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. I primarily work in book and magazine publishing. I have illustrated four books so far, "Maple Leaf Forever?" (2008 - Author Paul Keery) and "R.B. Bennett: The Grinch Who Gave Away a Million" (2008 -Author Alan Skeoch, unpublished). Both for Jackfruit Press. In 2012 "Canada at War: A Graphic History of World War Two" was published by Douglas & McIntyre. This was my first graphic novel based on an earlier concept of mine and written by Paul Keery. It was critically praised in Canada and the US, became a CBA best seller and went into 2nd printing. My fourth book "The Night Wanderer", a GN adaptation of the novel by Drew Taylor was released in August 2013. My work has also been published in Kayak and Legion Magazines. My caricatures and stock art are available at artizans.com

St. Oprah of Winfrey

The older I get the more bizarre the cult of personaity seems to get. Especially the blind worship of celebrity. Oprah Winfrey is a prime example. Like lemmings we plummet off the cliffs en masse, cash in hand to purchasewhatever diet plan, book or article of clothing she endorses. It doesn't matter if it really is just crap, if she says it's gold, then it's gold, or crap wrapped in gold foil.

Even with our short attention spans, the day may come when we start cannonizing celebrities.

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  1. This is great! I really like the way you colored it and of course your great sense of humor.